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Here are a few interesting links that I’ve accumulated. Most of them are from Reddit. # Math Do you get queasy when you hear the words “Cantor’s Diagonal Argument?” Me too. It is the only mathematical proof whose validity I’ve ever questioned. I never really knew why I had such issues with it until I read Dick Lipton explain it:

Lipton wrote another blog post about the consequences of not believing that reals are uncountable. They are dire. Mathematics becomes somewhat useless. That makes it kind of like the Axiom of Choice, I guess.


C++, as something of a front-runner in the programming languages world, has seen a fair bit of criticism, but perhaps none as witty as this:

What is software?


This is a NYT Magazine article about the context of the recent deal in which Israel released 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, some of them convicted murderers and terrorists, in exchange for the release of one single Israeli soldier.

My favorite podcast: