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The other day, there was a Reddit comment about how ridiculous it is that we are still using paper receipts. At Best Buy, you might walk away with a receipt the length of your arm, just for buying a USB cable. Moreover, paper receipts fade and are easily lost. Electronic receipts would be a much better solution. One day, you won’t have to carry around your credit cards thanks to projects like Google Wallet, which will integrate your credit cards into your smartphone. I look forward to the convenience of having less items in my pocket. However, an even bigger boon would be if I could not only pay with my smartphone, but also have the receipt automatically sent to it. My smartphone might have an app that then organized all of these receipts and plugged them into my account so that I could seamlessly track every atom of my financial existence. All of this has probably already been done, or is currently being made. I am a bit disappointed that it is not in widespread use yet, because it would make my life a lot easier.